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Ear Tapers and Ear Stretching

For thousands and thousands of years, people have been altering the look of their bodies, and stretching their ear lobes. Primitive man and various native tribes have been doing it for centuries, and today the process is being enjoyed by modern people. The stretching of the ear lobe is done slowly and in increments, with the aide of several instruments and pieces of jewelry, one being ear tapers.

Ear tapers play a vital role in the stretching of ear lobes. Many people decide to stretch their ear lobes so that they can wear ear gauges, or gauged body jewelry. The word “gauge” refers to the measurement increment that determines what size of plugs, or other ear jewelry will fit into a person’s ear.

Ear tapers, which are also sometimes called ear stretchers, can be cone shaped, and are tapered at the end. One end of an ear taper is small, and the other is larger. Gradually, a person who desires stretched ear lobes can use an ear taper to change the size of their ear lobe.

The taper is pulled through the ear starting with the smallest end first. Over the course of time, the user will experience stretching of the ear lobe.

Ear stretchers can be bought in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They also come in a wide variety of materials, and a very popular and common material is acrylic plastic.

Acrylic tapers for the ear are commonplace because they are very affordable, and because the acrylic materials that they are made from is very durable and hard to break. They have a long lifespan, and once purchased the buyer can expect to be able to use them for many years. They generally do not break down or wear over time, and are a great aid to achieve stretched ear lobes.

When beginning the process of gauging the ears, wearers of gauged earrings usually start with a smaller sized ear taper. Once they have stretched their ears to the largest part of the taper, the user will purchase a larger taper and begin again.

Ear lobes can be stretched to be able to fit large plates as seen in various tribes, or to whatever size the wearer prefers. Tapers can be bought in sets as well as tapering kits, giving the wearer ultimate freedom as well as support in the gauging process. It is ultimately more cost effective to buy an ear taper set, as well as very handy. For maximum ease, tapering kits are the way to go.

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